Welcome to the second edition of CARPATHIAN MTB EPIC! Whether you choose to take on the 4-day EPIC, starting with the Prologue on the 16th of August, or immerse yourself in the authentic 1-day Challenge on the 19th of August, we promise to excite you with limit breaking experiences set in the heart of one of the last genuinely wild regions in Europe – the Carpathian mountains in Romania. In 2018, all races have a SOLO format.

Just Ride! All you need is to focus on your riding experience. We’ll take care of the rest. CARPATHIAN MTB EPIC is a one-of-a-kind full-service MTB stage race that lets you concentrate on racing. Focus and ride through 180 km of raw scenery that is beyond compare and 8,500 meters of climbing, over some of the most impressive mountains in Romania. All stages start and finish in the Race Village, at the Olympic-level Cheile Gradistei Fundata resort.

Excitement. Expanded. CARPATHIAN MTB EPIC is supported by Banca Transilvania and Gatorade, as Official Sponsors, and raises the bar in terms of service and experience, but also visibility and reach for riders and spectators alike. The 2018 edition of the event will also benefit from a diverse promotional campaign aimed to provide an important media coverage through live TV broadcasts, both in print, radio and online. As a result, sponsored teams will benefit not only from a unique cycling experience but great and relevant exposure and promotion opportunities. The media coverage will deliver the feel & emotion of the race to all sport fans and supporters alike.

Who can enter the race? The event is dedicated to UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) riders, seasoned and also aspiring amateur riders, all of which will find the experience to be equally challenging and life changing. To be eligible to enter either the 4-day EPIC or the 1-day Challenge, participants must be at least 19 years old on the first day of racing. We strongly advise participants to have a full medical check-up one month or less prior to arriving at the race. It is every rider’s responsibility to ensure that they have acquired sufficient riding experience and have reached the necessary fitness level to participate.

4-day EPIC
180 km. 8,500 m elevation gain
1-day Challenge
40 km. 1,700 m elevation gain

Conquer the wild Carpathians

The Ride

  • One-of-a-kind SOLO experience.
  • Expertly hand-cut single tracks, never ending forests, fast descents, climbs of EPIC proportions.
  • Stunning views, unique scenery set in the last genuinely wild region in Europe.

The Feel

  • Limitless freedom, with each pedal stroke.
  • Unbound, truly connected to your surroundings.
  • A singular drive. Focused. Tuned in for greatness.
  • Challenged, broken, rejuvenated, reborn. A better rider.
  • Wild. Rugged. EPIC!

The Journey

  • Character building ride. Community.
  • Joyful and welcoming themed parties at the end of each stage.
  • Olympic-level Race village for all stages.
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic
Overview - Carpathian MTB Epic