1-day Challenge

The EPIC ride & atmosphere distilled into a one day race, designed for the aspiring rider to enjoy to its fullest.

The 1-day Challenge is all about discovering the pure nature of mountain biking, in a condensed package that delivers both an exciting, worth living experience and also provides a great entry point for riders not ready to set on the EPIC 4-day journey. The race will take place on the 4th of August.

1 day
of challenging fun
43 km
set in an epic scenery
1,800 m
elevation gain

The whole length of the course will be marked by a highly experienced team led by Romanian multiple mountain bike national champion, Razvan Juganaru. Check points, aid & technical stations and nutrition points are available throughout the course.

Pure. Riding. Pleasure.

Immerse yourself in the natural world and discover the true meaning of mountain biking. Designed with amateur riders in mind, of intermediate and advanced levels, the 1-day Challenge race will deliver a Wild. Rugged. EPIC experience, meant to test your limits and to reward you with unforgettable landscapes.