Rider experiences

Race reports 2018

International Mountain Bike Magazine – “Carpathian MTB Epic 2018 – Challenging and EPIC!” by Hannah Attenburrow

130 participants from 25 countries descended on the resort of Fundata in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, for what was to be an epic adventure, where joy and pain would be felt in equal measures during this challenging race. IMB sent its battle-hardened endurance athlete, Hannah Attenburrow to investigate… continue reading

Bike-Magazin.de – Adventurous racing for Pirmin Sigel from the BIKE Junior Team powered by Bulls: The U23 rider races through the stage race Carpathian MTB Epic through Romania and reports daily. The daily reports are available here: Pre-race | Prologue | Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 & Conclusion

Cory Wallace blog – “Romanian Adventures @ the Carpathian MTB Epic

Overall the experience in Romania was top notch. The organizing crew put on a great race and the atmosphere was nice as every stage started and finished in the same race village. The riding reminded me of the old TransRockies classic in Canada, a nice change from all the new school berm filled, smoothed out IMBA trails … continue reading

Race reports 2017

International Mountain Bike Magazine – “Untamed Trails in Romania: Racing The Carpathian MTB Epic” by Catriona Sutherland

Never one to pass up an opportunity for wild nights out – usually on a remote and lonely mountainside somewhere in a deepest, darkest wilderness – Cat Sutherland took to the trails of Romania to feast on a grueling diet of altitude gain, river crossings and wild descents … continue reading

BoDudek Blog – “Carpathian MTB Epic. Wild. Rugged. Epic.” by Bo Kamp Dudek

As I’m doing like 30-35 races a year in one big mix of running and biking events, I happen to know the quality of the races – at least at Balkan. I’ve done quite a few in Greece, but for some reason I never had the pleasure to race for glory in Romania. That said I’ve always wanted to see, what that would be like, so there were no really second thoughts, when I accepted the invite from a fellow athlete … continue reading

Rider impressions

We extend our gratitude to all competing riders who took part in previous editions of Carpathian MTB Epic. Their journey, enthusiasm, dedication and passion are an inspiration to us all.

ARIANE LÜTHI, 2018 CMTBE winner, 5 x Absa Cape Epic winner

"It is actually a very beautiful race and very, very technical, very hard. It was very tough, but absolutely beautiful. It is proper MTB."

GUSTAV LARSSON, Olympic Champion

"I think Carpathian MTB Epic is really nice. The stages are so cool because they are so hard. But that’s how mountain bike should be like."

FRANS CLAES, UCI Marathon Series Winner 2017

"It’s really wild there, but I wanted these extreme conditions. That’s why I love mountain biking!"

CORY WALLACE, 2 x Canadian Marathon Champion

"The race was wild and rugged. The trail reminded me of Canada, just as wild. It was real mountain biking, rough trails, steep climbs and the descent off the top was amazing. This is one of the best races I’ve done. It was an amazing."

Vitor Gamito, Olympic athlete, Portugal

"I loved the downhills. The views are amazing, looks almost like The Alps. I love the organization of the event, everything was perfect. Carpathian Mountain Bike Epic is comparable to the premier world stage events."

Jovana Crnogorac - National champion cross-country & cyclo-cross, Serbia

"It’s really tough and it’s a really hard race! The nature is beautiful and this place is amazing! The organization is really high level, I have to be honest."

Lejla Tanovic - National & Balkan champion, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The views on the track were incredible. For mountain biking this is just heaven. I feel everything is world class level, from the organization to the atmosphere. We have great food, great people, the tracks were marked perfectly."

Raul Sinza - National champion, Romania

"I arrived the first of the Romanians every day. This is my first stage race mountain bike competition and I am very pleased with the results. Carpathian MTB Epic is a very beautiful competition, unique in Romania, compared to other competitions."

Peeter Pruus - Carpathian MTB Epic Champion 2018, Estonia

"I didn’t expect this, it was hard! It was so steep and unbelievable. The race was really spectacular."

Frédéric Gombert, National Champion XC Marathon, France

“The organization was really pro, maybe in 2nd position after the BC Bike Race, if we compare with races we completed. The accommodation, the food, the warming zone with HT, the live, prizes, the communication, the race marking, photos and movies were perfect!”

Tomas Visnovský, National Vice Champion – XCM, Slovakia

“I feel perfect now that I won this contest and that I am a champion! Everyone was very nice here and welcoming and I liked the competition a lot. The routes and landscapes are so beautiful in Romania… I will return next year, I am very happy with everything that is happening here!“

Janka Keseg Števková, National Champion XCO-XCE and XCM, Slovakia

"This stage race was wild, rough and unique! It brings excellent mountain experience and adventure. In combination with Romanian hospitality and super organization, I would say it was one of my best event I had ever raced. I hope to stay fit and defend my title next year."

Florian Schön, National Champion XCO, Germany

“Carpathian MTB Epic was definitely one of the best events I have ever raced. To be welcomed with hospitality, professionalism and good organization is what we wish for many great races in central Europe. Not least a landscape and selected routes where the heart of bikers beats higher! The adventure was worth it!”

Márton Blazsó, National and Top Marathon Series Champion, Hungary

“Wild. It is here…in the Romanian mountains! Rugged. In the Southern Carpathians - a technical and rocky track. Epic. Evidence of over 3 hours of YouTube video and Live broadcasts. For me the event organization and the media coverage were…Epic!”

Catriona Sutherland, MTB rider & certified guide, blogger, UK

“Carpathian MTB Epic promised to be epic, wild and rugged - it delivers! Having raced all over the world, without a doubt Carpathian MTB Epic took me to my stage racing limits. It has been the slickest and most professional of race organisations I’ve worked with!“

Lucian Logigan, Balkan & National Champion XCO, Romania

"It was a really great experience, a 4-day challenge in which I had all the necessary conditions for a race at a high level. Everything was organized very well! As soon as you passed the finish line you could start restoring, relaxing and focusing on the next stage of the race.”  

Veronika Cseh, National MTB Vice Champion, Hungary

"You guys made it!  :) It was one of my hardest races ever! I will never forget it but of course not just because of this... it was one of the most well organised race ever for me too. Carpathian MTB Epic is already in my calendar for next year and I suggest it for our national team too.”

Krystyna Konvisarova, UCI MTB Marathon Series Champion, Ukraine

"The most important part of any race is a track. And these tracks were really great. I enjoyed every meter of every stage. I'm still excited watching movies and photos." 

Aneliya Karagyozyan, Nat. Champion XCO-XCE & XCM, Bulgaria

“The race was at European level: marking, food, the chillout zone, feeding zones, accommodation, race package, prizes etc. And more! I would recommend the race to adventurous people who want to challenge themselves with something different and unknown.”

The challenge awaits