Carpathian MTB Epic is a high standard competition set to offer foreign and local cyclists the opportunity to race and to discover the beauty of Romania and the Carpathian mountains. Consequently, the event strives to be a major influence in the development of the sport, both at local and regional level.

Carpathian MTB Epic is the culmination of years of hard work, backed up by passion and determination. Here, at MPG Romania, we set out to create an epic event both professional and aspiring riders would enjoy and to challenge not only you, as participant, but also the entire organizing team. This is why we took our time and for over 60 cycling and running marathons we have developed and improved operational procedures and have grown a large network of passionate collaborators.

Today, we are excited to share with you an amazing experience which we believe is unique through a mix of great scenery that only Romania has to offer, exceptional services and fabulous teamwork.

We believe in moving the world through sport and we challenge you to join us and make the epic adventure your own!

Organisation Committee

Catalin Mocuta - Financial Director

Catalin has accumulated over 30 years of experience in investment banking & sports management.

Sanda Mocuta - Marketing & Sponsorship Director

Sanda believes in spreading the joy of movement and she gives strength to the team. She has been involved in sport events Marketing for the past 20 years.

Tudor Mocuta - Event Director

Outgoing and determined, Tudor believes the future is bright. In his leisure time, he’s either out riding on a trail or looking at the latest innovations in technology. His favorite motto: “As you think, so shall you become.”

Razvan Juganaru - Race Director

His undeniable passion for cycling made him a national champion in several sports, like MTB and Cyclo-cross. Razvan’s expertise drives the challenge and fun factors of our events to the limit.

Ciprian Chelariu - External Resources Director

He has a strong spirit, wears a big smile and… sets the tone for the play! When we are planning our events, Ciprian makes sure every piece is perfectly placed in the puzzle. He fills the cup by giving everyone tons of energy and enthusiasm!

Marian Dumitru - Operations & Logistics Director

It’s all about creating the best experiences and improving them one event at a time. Always looking for new and innovative ideas, Marian is a one-of-a-kind coordinator, energetic and passionate, who thrives best when faced with difficult challenges.

Nicoleta Pancu - Race Office Manager

If you're in need of information of any kind, Nico is always there to help you find the right answer or solution. She is the heart and soul of the event and manages everything with a positive attitude and a big smile.

Joko Vogel - Honorary Member & Consultant

Joko is the founder of the ultracycling race, founder of the PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC and co-initiator of the organization of the UCI Cyclocross World Championship in 2020 in Switzerland.