Hydrate your body for energy and performance!


Hydration occupies an important place in the life of any athlete, both during the training and the competition. The Gatorade specialists, the official sponsor of the Carpathian MTB Epic 2018, offer some useful tips regarding this subject.

When you sweat, you eliminate more than water. Created to breathe, the skin contains millions of sweat glands that take out, through every drop of sweat, the heat created by the muscles during the physical activity. As the muscles work more a lot of heat is produced and you sweat more to protect the body from overheating.

By sweating you lose fluids and electrolytes from the sanguine flux, which have a critical importance for the performance of the body. By replacing what you lose by sweating, you may prevent the dehydration and thus maintain your muscle tone, heart rhythm and brain function.

Since 1965, Gatorade helps the reintegration of the liquids and the mineral salts, which were lost by sweating and also of the carbohydrates used as a source of energy during physical activities. With the help of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, Gatorade reintegrates the electrolytes and the carbohydrates found in the composition of the drink provide the energy that the muscles need.

To maintain your tone, it’s important to hydrate correctly every day, not only in the race day. You will find Gatorade at the checkpoints on the trails of Carpathian MTB Epic so that we make sure your energy will be at the highest points as well as your performance!

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